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an old stone house in the countryside with rolling hills and valleys behind it, as seen from above
Guapas Under The Tuscan Sun - A Girls Trip to Tuscany.
an arch in the side of a stone building with trees and hills in the background
17 Beautiful Places In Italy To Visit
an old stone house in the middle of a field full of lavender flowers and trees
Exploring Provence — Mary Quincy
an archway leading to a body of water with a dog laying on the ground next to it
a bath room with a tub and a mirror on the wall next to a sink
Zillow Make it Yours Sweepstakes -
an outdoor patio with tables and chairs next to a brick building that has vines growing up the side of it
Denver - Photos & Ideas
an ornately painted floor with a chair and table in the middle, next to it
a watercolor painting of a staircase leading up to a building
Архитектурные акварели от Grzegorz Wrobel
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an old building with flowers growing on it
boats are parked on the water in front of some buildings and mountains with trees around them
Bellagio, Italy #italy #bellagio #blueprint #citysong #thegreatexpanse | genstreetstyle
two men sitting under an orange tree with baskets full of oranges on the ground
Fruits & Vegetables Grown in Italy |
Orange trees
a group of people sitting around a table with plates of food in front of them
T&C Editors Share Their Love of Italy
a woman in a straw hat picking oranges from an orange tree with her arms outstretched
the table is set with plates, bowls and utensils
𝓙 on Twitter
many different types of fruits and vegetables on display
an entrance to a store decorated with flowers
Loubna Meron: Photo
a store front with baskets in front of it and ivy growing on the outside wall
Florence Travel Guide - Petite Suitcase
a yellow scooter is parked in front of a white building with blue doors
A Trip to Remember | Aquavita |
two bicycles parked next to each other in front of a building with green shutters
The Faux Fur Jacket I Can't Get Enough Of - Julia Berolzheimer
an open market with fruits and vegetables on display in front of a stone wall building
Italian shopping <3