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several white hexagonals with blue lights on them sitting on a table next to a fireplace
Amazing Hexagon Floating Shelves with LED Lights & Push Button CUSTOM Color of Wood and Lights to Fit Any Style! Functional Wall Art
Now introducing The Lucky Seven design! ✨ It's our most popular design -- Very artsy and can tie together any room with its customizable wood color(s) and LED lights! Comes with internal power source, a discrete charging port that's beautiful flush to the wood, charger, FREE shipping, hardware in the back for easy mounting, and an on//off push button. 100% Handcrafted functional artwork 🫶🏻 Overall dimensions: 70in wide, 35in height, 3.5in depth. Dimensions per hexagon: 16in wide, 14in height, 3.5in depth.
the corner of a room with a brick wall and light coming from it's side
"Big Reveal" LED Corner Light 18" White Curved Metal, Grey
ALTER YOUR REALITY and add some some intriguing fun to your room with the "Big Reveal" LED corner light. This unique architectural light creates the illusion that the corner of your wall is being ripped away to reveal another dimension lurking behind it. Like a portal into the great beyond! 3 full color scenes are included to complete the illusion: Brick, Barnwood, and Blue Sky. The Big Reveal is unlike anything you have seen before. A real "statement" light that will define any room. The unique
a blue fish lamp sitting on top of a black table next to a dark background
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a lamp that is shaped like a flower on top of a wooden stand with a black wall in the background
ByLamp - Unique 3D-Illusion Lighting - Touch of Modern