Gabriela Tanuta

Gabriela Tanuta

Gabriela Tanuta
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80s makeup

Eighties supermodel Kim Alexis

Levi's Denim Jeans from a 1989 catalog #vintage #fashion #1980s

Levi's Denim Jeans 1989 Acid wash, waistband detail and pocket shapes.

Wella hair 80s

There we go, the Waver style with bangs

80s short hairstyles for women

short hairstyles for women

Halloween 80s hairstyle

HAIR Crimps (No Crimper Required) hen night ideas

Brad Pitt 1980's high waist jeans

At the time, Brad wasn't well-known whatsoever, but auditioned for a guest role on the series and casting director Jeff Greenberg revealed he 'wasn't funny'

80s icons knight rider david hasselhoff

Hasselhoff as Micheal Knight in Knight Rider, like the show, DO NOT like "the hoff"

Your colon is one of the most important organs in your digestive system and if it isnt working properly you could experience a number of medical issues. According to statistics more than 50 millio

In the Air Tonight: Men’s fashion of the 1980s | The Big Event | an blog

In the Air Tonight: Men’s fashion of the

jumpsuit by Thierry Mugler 1980 For the cool Star Trek Nerd.

jumpsuit by Thierry Mugler 1980 with awesome side ponytail, one earring in the left ear of course and pants tucked into boots