An Amazing project for a craft. This is a piece of heirloom quality ART. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL! This is a BIG Recycle/Reuse Project! new art 098

rare century Gold sundial and compass ring, possibly German. The hinged oval bezel designed as a seal and engraved with a coat of arms, opening to reveal a sundial and compass, on a plain gold hoop, dimensions of bezel

Cool ring

Jewelry for Gearheads - Jewelry for a gearhead? Absolutely hot when it is this ring, made to look like a big block Chevy engine. If m’lady wants si.

Taylor Steampunk Necklace, Winged Sea Dragon / Sea Horse, Filigree,"The Time Writer"

Tiny Mechanical Insects Made of Watch Parts

Tiny Mechanical Insects Made of Watch Parts - My Modern Metropolis (Chicago-based artist Justin Gershenson-Gates, aka A Mechanical Mind, LOVE his work!

Tiny Mechanical Insects Made of Watch Parts

Chicago-based artist Justin Gershenson-Gates created tiny mechanical steampunk insects by carefully soldering parts of watch. If you are interested in, all of these are available for sale, see more detail on a mechanical mind.

Tiny Mechanical Insects Made of Watch Parts

Amazing mechanical insects made of watch parts by Justin Gershenson Gates. Chicago dependent designer Justin Gershenson Gates, aka A Technical Mind,

Hades gothic steampunk victorian metal gears buckles platform ankle boots heels

Brown Polaro Steampunk Boots by Hades. Mid-calf length boot with metal heel features gears butterfly on back, flame buckles, and faux fur trim.