Should I Ride a Wide Snowboard?


Should I Ride a Wide Snowboard?

Utah skiing

Wish I had looked this good when I was skiing. I was closer to a newborn giraffe learning to ice skate

Bissell Hazen extreme ski shot...this is so sick!

Six-bedy estate hits market for £200k - the same price as a London studio flat

Bissell Hazen used to live with us here in Telluride, where ya at these days dude?


Shaun White ~ Olympic Gold Medalist & X-Games Gold Medalist in Snowboarding. Shaun is my fave snow border

where was this when we lived in chicago? so cute! rabbit helmet cover

Rabbit Ski Helmet Cover for Kids & Adults. Crazy Large Flexible Ears: Luxury ski helmet cover with the biggest ears you will see on the slopes.