Two tone lips.

This is an actual, serious makeup suggestion. "This red/pink two-tone lip is a wonderful idea for Valentine's Day!" I'm pretty sure your man is gonna think you look nuts.

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Perfect alternative to conventional black eyeliner, for small eyes. White (or any light colored) eyeliner will visually open up small eyes and make them appear bigger.

monica bellucci for dior

Monica Bellucci, beautiful dramatic hair and make up. Would be beautiful for wedding day beauty.

32 Simple And Cute Nail Art Designs

32 Simple And Cute Nail Art Designs


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Halloween nail art ideas to try at home!, Run out of time to put a Halloween outfit together? Well help is at hand, literally! We've rounded up our favourite spooky Halloween nails for you to try at home - Halloween nail art just got easy!

Hello yellow

Is yellow lipstick practical for anything other than an editorial? What do you think? You can wear this color to a party.


You can make nail polish last longer on your nails with vinegar! Just take a cotton ball and dip it in vinegar then swipe it over your un-polished nails. After it’s dry, polish your nails. That’s it, your nail polish will last longer


Colored Glitter Makeup