Rock climbing in Tonsai, Thailand

On my bucket list: Learn how to rock climb. Start with an indoor one and hopefully, go to Thailand for this! climbing in Tonsai, Thailand


An amazing set of photographs showing how climbers catch some sleep when climbing the sides of mountains: vertical camping!

climbing! climbing! climbing!

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Never give up!

Climbing Techniques – Rock Climbing Basics – Rock Climbing for Beginners [extreme sports

SOUL SURFER via The Fancy

Patagonia's image strategy shows a single hero completing feats of strength within a vast natural landscape.

Sharma being filmed on Es Pontas for King Lines

A throwback to the days of hanging in Mallorca with Chris Sharma as he works his still unrepeated testpiece, Es Pontas. A little bit of labor to get the shot. Photo by Corey Rich.

Escalada extrema

Fotogalería: las impactantes imágenes de la escalada extrema

mountaineering rock climbing extreme sports adventure How do they DO that? NOT on my bucket list.

Escalada extrema 2

Fotogalería: las impactantes imágenes de la escalada extrema

Mountaineer photographer Robert Bosch photographs climbers around the world on some of the most difficult climbs.


This Post Is Dedicated To The Awesome Art Of Climbing Pictures) - Caveman Circus