Absolutely True Story!

Day Favorite books I love reading. I love so many books, too, and some I can't even remember the names or authors!

Emma Lloyd - Book Artist

book art- sculptures from repurposed books. this is COOL- would love to have one for my house! by Emma Lloyd - Book Artist

Poe's short stories altered book

Edgar Allen Poe altered Book

Short Stories, by Edgar Allan Poe is an altered book, created by artist Susan Hoerth.

The Art of Su Blackwell - art from old bird watching journals!  Beautiful but someone has way more patience than me !

British artist Su Blackwell skillfully snips and cuts until the pages of those old bird watching journals, and forgotten fairytales become stunningly delicate, sculptural pieces of art.


Look!: More Great Displays at Anthropologie

Anthropology window display of book art; creative folds give a lovely dimension to this display. Would not really want to destroy old books . So ok it looks good but.old books?

book art

Funny pictures about Book's tree. Oh, and cool pics about Book's tree. Also, Book's tree photos.

Thomas Wightman - graphic designer "Anchored" is a project giving voice to those who suffer from OCD. This piece conveys the emotions of a panic attack using the metaphor of a sinking ship.

Think You Know The Literary Classics? Test your mettle here!

How Well Do You Know Classic Literature?

The Reader "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl / Photo by Rosie Hardy - a self portrait from the 365 Days Collection -

bookshelf pendant

A teeny-tiny bookshelf necklace. It's like saying, "Hi, I'm a book nerd" but saying it quietly.and I'm totally a book nerd.

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Tango with books Credit: SMETEK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Caption: Love of books, conceptual image. A man performing the tango with a human-shaped figure constructed from books. This could represent a love of books or other forms of knowledge.


Surreal Photo Manipulation is another rich imagination from designers. They display their creative art work into real pictures and captivating the photos that

Haunted Book~ Another really cool idea but as an avid book reading i could never do this to a book.maybe the phone book lol