Open the throat chakra

I love the jawline, neck, the collarbone, the shoulders. man or woman, I see this the most beautiful part of the body. this would be perfect for shading!

ceramic jellyfish

Hand-Sculpted Porcelain Jellyfish from Coe and Waito. We could make recycled plastic jellyfish in class!

...Hand Painted Moroccan Plates

Vitticore - Hand Painted Plates African Inspired Gold shapes geometric abstract brown Great for

starry eyed over these stairs. by the delightful and talented michelle allen.

This beautiful hand painted staircase is the work of talented artist Michelle Allen. The stairs lead from Michelle’s living quarters to her home studio above the garage.

Stunning Sculpture Projects Bedazzling Light Show by Jim Sanborn

Jim Sanborn - "A Comma" Plaza front of new library - University of Houston, TX - United States. Made from copper, text, light, black granite paving inlay.