Bath Time

"Baby's first bath. I don't think she'll ever recover." Oh my gosh. CUTEST THING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!///what a sweet baby face! poor little thing! better watch it mommy! she might melt!

Some furnitures are designed for cats

wonderful places for cats.check out the stuffed jeans made into a lap for the cat to sleep in.

So small <3

Tiny baby pug - Amber dog has had a couple of litters of baby pugs, and my sweet Iris who died in child birth and left me with 5 babies to tend to. This pup was not one of Iris', it just brought back memories. The Vet took care of them while I worked for

31 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say "WTF"

31 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say "WTF"

If you can’t remember it…

If you can’t remember it…

Crocheted Hedgehog Duster pattern by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)  Click on  "Others", bottom right and you will see PDF download for this pattern. Lots of other cute patterns!

Crocheted Hedgehog Duster free pattern by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd): Pattern. love the hedgehog!

fox hunting

Snow Diving Fox: When the fox strikes, he strikes with style. ' A red fox listens out for mice scurrying six feet beneath the snow before diving head first into the drift. :D

I  have never seen a cat with curly hair before,sooooo sweet

♥️Poodle cats could be the new rage for feline fans. of breeding has resulted in a new breed of curly haired cat called The Selkirk Rex // Photo via Web