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an old quote with the words she's an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind
Pin by TASRIN SHAHNAZ #love#DIY# ideas on CAMERA
an old book with many lines on the page and some writing in orange, white and blue
10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (433) - LifeHack
an image with the words it's strange, isn't it? how your heart burns and burns and suddenly turns to ice
S h e L o v e s I t
the reason why god allowed him to walk away is because you pray for a good man, and he was it
145 Inspirational Quotes About Moving On
a quote that says, somewhere out there, there's a good man just frustrated as
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a white background with the words god i'm frustrated, but i trust you
Karrie Bradshaw – 90210
a quote that reads, i talk to god about you
To see another world..
an image with the words she doesn't speak too much but she leads the most intelligent conversations
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a woman who draws silent attention she doesn't need to make a spectacle of herself to see the world, you notice her without realizing
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the text reads, i find calm men so attractive i love the gentle aura man who doesn
an image with the words, they look at each other like they were almost lovers
They Look at Each Other Like They Were Almost Lovers Like They Should Have Kissed and Made Love and Laughed in Bed Together but They Chose to Stay Friends Instead They Look at Each Other With What Ifs and Could Haves and Hearts Full of Regret Almost Lovers | Nikita Gill via Untamedunwanted | Friends Meme on ME.ME