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Customize Your Space: IKEA BILLY DIY Built-In Cabinet Project!
Revamp your space with this IKEA BILLY DIY built-in cabinet project! Transform your room with custom storage solutions that fit your style and needs. Discover how to create a functional and stylish built-in cabinet using affordable IKEA BILLY bookcases. Elevate your home decor and maximize storage with this budget-friendly DIY project. #IKEAHack #DIYBuiltIn #BILLYBookcase #CustomCabinets #HomeImprovement [Credits: @villa_karole]
an empty room with white bookcases and a ladder in the corner next to it
Laura's Living Room: Ikea Billy Bookshelves Hack - The Makerista
Laura's Living Room: Ikea Billy Bookshelves Hack - The Makerista
there is a sink and mirror in the bathroom
++rustic garden decor overstock, rustic garden decor pots & planters..?
three wooden panels with an image of a tree in the center and two trees on each side
Tree of Life Rustic Garden Art, Rusty Garden Decor & Design
a wooden gate surrounded by rocks and trees
Gates Constructed with Short Exterior Solid Wood Cladding by Thermory
You can incorporate Thermory’s natural wood into your home in small ways. The gates in these photos are an example of small-scale biophilic design. Plus, using shorter boards is a great way to incorporate sustainable construction solutions. All doors were constructed by JD Stairs using 1 x 4 or 1 x 6 Thermory Benchmark Ash cladding in C20 profile. The horizontal fence material was cut down to a 1 x 3 out of 1 x 6 Benchmark Ash. You might want to think twice before tossing shorter board scraps!
a long table filled with lots of different types of cheeses and other food items
Saturday’s grazing table for a art exhibition🎨🖌
The Flow Wall Desk
by @robertvanembricqs . The Flow Wall Desk acknowledges the potential how to combine functionality with art. This results in creating a desk inside one’s indoor environment. And only with one twist, it becomes a true joy to have a separate working area when needed. It can be subscribed as a piece of functional art that builds on the design track record of transformations in space. . #desk #deskdesign #walldesk #homedecor #parametricdesign #interactivedesign #kineticdesign #interiordesign