Romanian traditionals

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Romania. The floral embroidery is terrific!
Romanian traditional folk costume
Bulgaria,Banat mountain region Women folk costume from Banat mountain region, linen shirt and skirt with floral motives, sewed with silk, velvet apron, sewed with silk and tinsel.
Ia Noastra/ Romanian Blouse, Bukovina, late 1800s Daniela Ionescu Romanian Art Collection Photo: Vlad Ionescu by Maryana
Woman's Sorochka from Bukovyna
Apuseni Moutains, shirt and skirt on cotton or linen cloth, with black geometrical motives
OIANU-LOWENDAL - DSC_7539 - by Simona Dragan BS
Needlecraft Magazine of 1931, USA explores the #Romanian craft and tradition #Romania #RomanianBlouse #LaBlouseRoumaine
Costume populare romanesti din zona Muscelului, secol XIX.
Women's costume from Oltenia