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a blue painted door with many windows and shutters
a green door with a potted plant on the ledge
Molyvos Yunanistan magnet
a small house made out of clay sitting in the grass
a small green house sitting on top of a white surface
Mint Green Burano House - HO Scale
Mint Green Burano House - HO ScalePart of a collection called Summer in Venice includes three buildings and a gondola with mooring post (pics to follow)
a ceramic house with two birds on the roof
a small toy house sitting on top of a white table next to a string of lights
Little House lantern, ceramic house, miniature house, English cottage, Ceramic Lantern, Fireplace Decor, Home Decor, tealight holder
"This Handmade Miniature House Lantern would make a perfect decor for bedroom, livingroom or office. I made this lantern using sturdy stoneware clay and covered it in porcelain slip to create texture. Every little window and expression on the roof is made by hand while the piece is in leather hard condition. After firing the piece I treated it using underglazes and oxides, painted details and glazed. The item was then fired for the second time. The little house lantern can be placed over a tea-l
the different types of vases and their designs are shown in this diagram, which shows how
Decorative Pottery Patterns | Photograph | Wisconsin Historical Society
Decorative Pottery Patterns
a ceramic figurine of a living room with furniture
an ancient egyptian painting depicting the head of tutane, with horns on his head
Download premium psd / image of Antique Hathor Egyptian goddess psd element illustration by Baifern about hathor, ancient egyptian art, egyptian art, egyptian, and hathor goddess egypt 2767834