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Gabriela Chiculita
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Free Take What You Need Values Poster. Would be cute to incorporate into a pay it forward project :)

Free Take What You Need Values Poster . paint the inspirations/words on pebbles and keep in a bowl so people can take whichever one they need (don't use stones that are too large!

❤ I want a "hello", a kiss and a coffee. A "good appetite", laughters and a tea. A "how do you do", a caress and some wine. A"sleep well", a look and a "I love you".

❤ je veux :: roughly meaning :: I want a "good morning", a kiss and a coffee. An "enjoy your meal" some laughs and a tea. A "how are you", a caress and some wine. A "sleep well", a look and an "I love you". (via Gau Paris)

Dreams are sometimes projections of your unfilled desires or needs.  Sigmund Freud is one of the first few to really study the meanings of dreams. He believes that dreams are symbolic representations of our unconscious thoughts and repressed emotions. However, other researchers believe that dreams do not mean anything. What are your thoughts? Which side do you think is true?

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams could be projections of repressed feelings or desires. this is an idea that greatly inspired surrealism, especially Salvador Dali