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Mamma Swans carrying their babies on their backs will always mean Lucerne, Switzerland to me.

so sweet

When I was little, people gave a fuzzy yellow duckling or chick to a child for Easter. And you would raise it in the back yard.

Fluffy fox

Weekly Inspiration 4

Photo: Newborn Giraffe cute animals adorable

Photo: Newborn Giraffe cute animals adorable ~~ This is cute but its not a giraffe, its a Dik Dik. Newborn giraffes wouldnt fit too comforatbly on a persons lap. They're born around 6 feet tall already but this is a really cute baby anyway ~~

Sleepy baby duck :D soo Cute!

irontemple: “snowycelaena: “one time a duckling fell asleep in my frocket and it was the cutest thing ever ” Baby ”