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a jar filled with tiny flowers sitting on top of a piece of paper next to some plants
Calm crystal spell jar
Magical bottles for special intentions. Beautiful crystals and herbs
a jar filled with some kind of things
Find Comfort in Every Verse: Bible Verses Jar with Emotion-Packed Scriptures 📖
Discover solace and inspiration in our 'Read Me When' Bible Verses Jar! Filled with emotion-filled scriptures and uplifting messages, this glass prayer jar is perfect for moments when you need a reminder of faith and hope. Each verse comes with a coloring Bible verse card, making it a thoughtful gift for loved ones or a meaningful addition to your own spiritual journey. Get yours today and let the words of Scripture soothe your soul. #ChristianGifts #FaithJourney 🙏✨
DIY Craft Ideas for Adults: Creative and Relaxing Projects Cute Affirmation Cards, Jar Of Affirmations, Self Care Cards Free Printable, Affirmations Cards Design, Diy Affirmation Cards, Affirmation Notes, Positivity Cards, Coping Cards, Homemade Gift Bags
DIY Craft Ideas for Adults: Creative and Relaxing Projects
DIY Craft Ideas for Adults: Creative and Relaxing Projects
mindfulness set with citrine, three gratitude cards, three candles all in a matchbox Matchbox Gift, Sunshine Box, Matchbox Crafts, Sunny Disposition, Gratitude Cards, Box Of Sunshine, Beautiful Sunshine, Dot Dot, Match Box
Hello Sunshine Mindfulness Gift
This beautiful sunshine themed mindfulness matchbox gift contains a yellow citrine stone. Known as the sunshine stone, this will bring positivity and energy into your life. Keep this precious stone close, to encourage a have a sunny disposition. Also included are three mindfulness candles and three gratitude cards. Just pop a candle in the back of the matchbox and light. While the candle is burning, think of the good things in your life. Once you have blown out the candle, write down the things
i am joyful notebooks sitting on top of a white drawstring bag
Affirmation Cards for Kids
Kids Affirmation Cards – The Creative Sprout