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people walking around in front of a tall building with black and white stripes on it
Dazzle Rocket 2
Experimental Jetset - Dazzle Rocket 2
a pink bed sitting on top of a wooden platform
Розовые джунгли
Дизайнер Marc Ange представил на выставке в Милане ‘Le Refuge’ (Убежище), место для отдыха на свежем воздухе. Создано для The Invisible Collection совместно с The Green Gallery . Вам нравится? Ходят слухи, что этот проект взорвал инстаграмм - никто не прошел мимо.
an empty room with stairs lit up by neon lights
there is a large blue sign that says frutze art fair on top of a scaffold
Our new Here profile explores the prolific output of Graphic Thought Facility
two people standing in front of a large white structure with blue and green glass panels
an exhibition stand with tables, chairs and umbrellas on it's roof that says cement space
This product is no longer available.
Source Pop-Up mobile coffee shop container design, 10ft/20ft/40ft Prefabricated shipping container coffee shop on
several lawn chairs are lit up with neon lights and the words beach written on them
bureau A: bada bing boardwalk for montreux jazz festival 2013
interpreting the montreux jazz festival's aesthetic of light and glamour, swiss firm bureau a designed glowing neon boardwalks along the water's edge.
several lawn chairs and umbrellas on the deck of a cruise ship at dusk with an overcast sky in the background
Work | Base Design
Montreux Jazz Festival — All that jazz needed was a little neon — Branding by Base Design #branding #signage #wayfinding #montreuxjazz #musicfestival #neon #lemanlake #typeface #typedesign #basedesign
an image of a mirrored object in the middle of a grassy field with blue sky and clouds
Request Rejected
Rob Mulholland
a large sign is in the middle of an open field
Frames te voorzien van full color bedrukte zeildoeken. | Upside-down
Torenframe @ Lakeside Festival
a colorful building with a ferris wheel in the background
You Can Bring Your Cutest Tiny Bag to Coachella Because Amazon Lockers Will Be On-Site
Amazon Lockers Coachella