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Traditional hand painted Easter eggs from Bucovina, Romania.

A tradition is to paint boiled eggs for the Easter meal, everyone grabs an egg and tries to break the others with it, before the actual hit each person confirms the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

Sumba, traditional ikat cloth

This weaving style/sytem called "Gedogan" in Indonesia. A truly traditional way of producing many amazing varieties warp and ikat weaving. Widely use in many regions of Indonesia.

Traditional Interior, Romania.  So charming. Love the "happy colours" and the roses :)

Superbe maison d'hôtes traditionnelle en Bucovine - Roumanie - Blog voyage et photo

Fine white cotton blouse with silk embroidery, Romanian, ca. 1925-40, KSUM 1987.15.11. Princess Ileana of Romania Collection

Fine white cotton blouse with silk embroidery, Romanian, ca. KSUM Princess Ileana of Romania Collection. possibly from the western region of Moldavia, ca.

Beautiful traditional Romanian motifs.

Romanian Traditional Rugs