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Make your own Halloween decorations with these fun and easy ideas and tutorials! can take this idea outside

PHOTO: KATE SEARS Shocking Silhouettes As day turns to night, call on candles to cast an eerie glow throughout your home. When fierce silhouettes are propped above them, spectacular shadows dance across the walls. How to Make Shocking Silhouettes

Glowing Eyes  Toilet paper rolls and glow sticks? Well, yes, if you want to scare all of the cute little trick-or-treaters. Of course you do. Just hide them in your bushes, shrubs and trees, and watch as your glowing eyes terrorize the neighborhood.

glow in the dark eyes made with toilet paper rolls & glow sticks from 16 Easy But Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations.

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Easy Halloween Lights - and a great project for kids too! A glass jar, some gauze & those 'googly eyes' (bought at a craft store) are all you need to make these cute Halloween jars to dress up your table & corners of your home in honor of the spookfest.

Paper Pumpkin Fall Craft - Great Harvest Craft for Kids

Paper Pumpkin Fall Craft - Great Harvest Craft for Kids Easy DIY Ideas, Craft Ideas

Put a glow stick inside a water balloon   and put the balloon in a stocking and hang it from a tree or   ceiling.

A water balloon with a glow stick on the inside, in a stocking, hung from trees, patio cover, or the ceiling. Same pin elsewhere said: "Put a glow ball in a white stocking and hang many from trees or the ceiling." But what are glow balls?

Creepy - halloween decor.

Just buy some cheap fake flowers at the dollar store and stick a novelty Halloween eye in the middle! "Eye" see you!

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An easy pallet project, inspired by Hershel's barn on Walking Dead. See all of Jackson's Playhouse of Horror's Halloween Decor at Atta Girl Says

Head in a jar, scary! Great for Halloween. This has a great tutorial if you want to DIY and also an alternative to just download theirs

DIY: Head in a jar prank (or fun Halloween party idea)