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Whale scandi sophistication in this contemporary plushie toy

Awesome DIY Inspiration: Sew a whale toy from denim jeans - A Designer Life Create this amazing DIY whale soft toy by sewing old denim jeans fabric! Want fantastic ideas concerning arts and crafts? Head to my amazing website!

Winter in Romania


The smuggling of cheetah cubs out of from Africa and into the Middle East is driving this magnificent species to extinction. Owning a cheetah cub is considered a major status symbol, and since these animals are extremely easy to tame, especially as cubs

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse

Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the World’s Best-Selling Luxury Vehicle Photo Gallery Mercedes-Benz 770 Grand Mercedes)

Emperor penguins  by Paul Nicklen

Emperor penguins are Olympian swimmers, capable of diving to feet and remaining underwater 20 minutes on a single breath. "I was mesmerized by their beautiful bubble trails," says Nicklen, who braved water to capture these images for National Geographic.