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peeled oranges are sitting in a plastic container
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the snowman is made to look like it's sitting in the snow
a white cat climbing up the side of a tree in the snow at night time
a snowman is made up in the snow
Compilation of hilariously creative snowmen to build this Christmas
the city is covered in snow and it looks like it's falling from the sky
Herbin, Auguste (1882-1960) - 1902 The Roofs of Paris in the Snow (Sotheby's New York, 2008)
a drawing of a person walking their dog in the snow near a house and fence
a bus driving down a street next to a tree covered in snow with lots of snowflakes on it
incandescently happy
a young boy sitting at a table with food in front of him and christmas decorations around him
a young boy decorating a christmas tree
nana on Twitter
people walking and riding bikes in the snow on a city street with lots of buildings
The Old Church in the heart of Amsterdam
people are walking down the stairs in the snow on a street with lots of trees
Rue Foyatier, Montmartre, Paris.
a wooden walkway in the woods with snow on the ground and trees behind it, surrounded by fog