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Bright Autumn Poster Template  — PSD Template #concert #postcard • Download ➝

Buy Bright Autumn Poster Template by djjeep on GraphicRiver. Bright Autumn Poster Template – Watercolor Artistic Flyer Poster Template with paint splashes, autumn fall leaves, an.

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Your brain and your digestive system are intricately linked. They interact so closely that some say they should be taken as one system. The link is the vagus nerve, a direct neuronal connection between the gut and the brain. It turns out the gut can bidirectionally communicate with the brain via the vagus nerve, known as the gut–brain axis. Not only does an individual’s microbiome affect overall health and disease, but also can impact mental health. Anger, anxiety, stress, sadness and ...

Not only does an individuals microbiome affect overall health and disease but also can impact mental health Anger anxiety stress sadness.

Prebiotics are just as important as probiotics!

You probably have heard of probiotics and prebiotics, but do you know the difference between them? Research has shown that probiotics and prebiotics could improve digestive health, immunity, and mo…