Grown-up style: the tunic dress

Grey tunic dress + statement necklace + chunky bracelet + gold gladiator sandals :: ( love this simple tunic style)

Model Daphne Selfe:“I’ve never had anything done to my face,” Selfe told the Daily Mail. “Not that poison, not a face-lift. I think it’s a waste of money. Anyway, I couldn’t afford it!”

83 year old model Daphne Selfe, "I’ve never had anything done to my face,” she told the Daily Mail. 'Not that poison, not a face-lift. I think it’s a waste of money." She's beautiful as is. GOOD EXAMPLE TO ALL DAPHNE!

At 71 writer and artist Beatrix Ost has the confidence and grace to make any outfit look good. She is proof that style truly does advance with age.

'Beatrix Ost is a writer and artist in her She believes that style starts with the food we eat. Beatrix says: "In your body is a good place to be." Photo by Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style I will be her one day.

Fashion mavens: A new book titled Advanced Style, based on a street style blog, features stylish New York seniors. The photographer, Ari Seth Cohen, was inspired by his own grandmother's fashion sense

The art of ageing gracefully: New York's most glamorous grannies inspire book dedicated to senior style

"The Advanced Style Book is out and the excitement about Ari Seth Cohen’s fabulous creation continues to build. It’s a true celebration of older women and their love of life and style, with a vibrant diversity of self expression on every page.

Dapne Selfe

Style at any age: Daphne Selfe (That's Not My Age)

86 year old model Daphne Selfe "a living example that being cool has no expiration date"

That's Not My Age: Mature Models: Iris Apfel for Kate Spade

The ever-fabulous Iris Apfel makes an appearance in Kate Spade’s spring/summer 2015 campaign. Iris Apfel and Karlie Kloss