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colorful origami flowers hanging from strings in the air with string attached to them
frases de la vida: frases cortas de arte colección 02
frases cortas de arte
a person sitting on top of a bench next to a tree
Pin de Girasoles Revueltos en Frente al espejo de Julia | Frases sabias, Frases duras, Frases valiosas
an open book with a black and white photo on it's cover that says, y cor o ulito gesto de amo me alee, me alei, porque que
te+amo+tanto on Tumblr
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an image with the words in spanish on it
Pin de Yasmine Hernandez en Spanish quotes | Frases bonitas, Frases sentimentales, Frases irónicas
a black and white photo with the words,'es melor vivirr con un te acuedas que un te imagias '