Hail Freyja, my friend
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a statue of a woman sitting on top of a tree stump next to two owls
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Freya Wooden statue pagan Scandinavian God Scandinavian
a drawing of a woman's face with leaves around her neck
Black Ivy Witch
Viking/Norse goddess Freya line art illustration by Holly Ensey. Freya is the goddess of love, war, sex, death, magic, and fertility.
a painting of a woman with blonde hair
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the coat of arms with an image of a horse and a bird on it, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
norse on Tumblr
norse | Tumblr
a black and white drawing of a woman laying on the ground in front of a wave
Illustrations from The Heroes of Asgard by C.E. Brock
Freyja weeps by the sea ~ Artwork © Charles E. Brock
a woman with long white hair and blue eyes holding her hands up to her face
Freyja by Mari-Na Oh, Freyja, passing age after age you hear the heartbeat of those lost in the night, and suddenly respond by a mysterious echo, I pray to you , whisper and teach. Algiz, in the hand you will light and will show that irisated bridge between the light and the darkness. Dropping a golden tear you will tell if it is possible again to miss the disaster. You have protected by the shield from troubles and pain, you have sang your safety song, ...
a small figurine sitting on top of a wooden table
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an abstract painting with various colors and shapes
a painting of a woman in a green dress surrounded by animals and grass with her wings outstretched
Freyja by AnnaIceflames on DeviantArt
Freyja by on @DeviantArt
a clay statue sitting on top of a table
Our Lady, Freja. Betong/concrete, h 12 cm. Just colored and ready to ship away. The coloring is superficial. Rain and sun will wash it to gain contrast and patina. Sold. Kontakt #norseart #norsegods #pagangoddess #freya #freyja #freja #heathenart #vanadis #fornsed #heathengoddess #greatgoddess #brisingamen #asynjur