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a model ship is on display in a clear plastic case with white and brown trim
Vapor Miera
an image of a boat that is in the water with information about it's components
Photo Storage
Noordzee Priester Photo by Marinerfoto | Photobucket
the model ship is made out of wood and has lots of black paint on it
Flying Dutchman ghost/pirate ship model
flying dutchman ghost ship ...
an old sailing ship on display in a museum
Rex Muesum
the model shipyard logo is shown in blue and white on a yellow background with an image of a sailboat
Model Ship | Replica Scale Ship Model Builders | Wooden Sailing Ship Models
a large boat sitting on top of a wooden floor
Titanic in miniature
Titanic in miniature A model of the legendary ship, The Titanic, was built in England. The model ship is 48 smaller than the original. The model is available for 1.3 million pounds sterling. It took designers seven years to build the model. The miniature ship is 11 meters long All photos: Splash/All Over Press titanic
a model boat is on display on a wooden base and has red trim around the hull
Tug Boat Model
Tug Boat Model
a model boat is on display on a wooden base with a white and yellow top
Commercial Vessel Models, All Types -Tugs, LNG, Tankers, Container Ship Models
24” Tug Boat Model – the Coral Sea SD Model Makers offers museum quality models of commercial vessels in ANY size or scale. Trade show exhibits, office displays or customer/executive gifts.
a model of a large ship with containers on it
Wooden Ship Model APL container ship
a toy model of a cruise ship on a red stand with white and black stripes
Queen Elizabeth 2 - Nain-Schiffsmodelle
Queen Elizabeth 2