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reyna ramírez-arellano || riordanverse
an old gold coin with a crown on it
George II, 2 Guineas, 1739.
the canadian maple coins are on display
Von einer britischen Zweigstelle zur Royal Canadian Mint
a pile of gold coins sitting on top of a white table next to each other
American Buffalo Gold Coins for Sale - Money Metals Exchange
The gold mint American Buffalo is a striking coin with a profile image of a Native American chieftain stamped on one side and the iconic Buffalo on the other. It is a "legal tender"and carries a denomination of $50. #gold #goldcoins #preciousmetals #coincollection #coin #coins #bullion #bullioncoins #coincollecting
some ancient coins are shown in black and white
Pagando por el servicio: las monedas de burdel en la antigua Roma
two small pieces of metal that are in someone's hand, one has the moon on it
Copper Moon Coin | Lunar Reminder Token | Handmade by Shire Post Mint |