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Psychological research on how a simple (nonsexual) touch can increase compliance, helping behaviour, attraction, and signal power.

Problemele societatii in care traim

Problemele societatii in care traim

Fotografia ta preferata

Fotografia ta preferata

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Design Thinking : arquitecturas de aprendizaje en "beta"!


The Brain is one of the organs in the body that replenishes over the course of one’s lifetime. Taking care of the brain is one of the initiatives that one sho(.

Programarea Neuro Lingvistica

Psychotherapy works for Multiple Sclerosis Patients. ~ definite benefits and clear improvement in many areas demonstrated.

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Type designer and illustrator, Sean McCabe (aka seanwes), created a fantastic set of hand lettered quotes that I simply had to share!

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“Only Your S U C C E S S Will Q U I E T your Haters!”~~~Gary Bledsoe TIP!

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Calm Down Serum {CDS}: Calm Down Serum is the serum of the list of our Cosmic Serums. The keyword of Calm Down Serum is “Hyper & High”.

Tu vrei să ai succes? ~ Gândim Rațional

A success quote from Dr. Susan Lim: "Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

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Need to do an online background check quickly? Find the phone number or address of someone you lost contact with?

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Let’s face it – not everyone was born to write. Even if you are, it takes time to write like a pro. So whether you are a born writer who is just starting out or one who has been writing…