Christine Brown on Romanian Textiles, Part 1: The Lecture

child's romper // Romania, 1920-1939

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Christine Brown on Romanian Textiles, Part 1: The Lecture

Ensemble Date: fourth quarter century Culture: Romanian Medium: cotton, wool, metal, wool


thevintagethimble: “ Romanian Folk Dress Various photographs depicting Romanian old folk costumes from late Century and early Century.

Transylvanian Saxon folk costume from Zeiden/Codlea.Transylvania is a historical region in the central part of Romania.

Romania/Transylvanian Saxon folk costume from Zeiden/Codlea

Romania - Kurt Hielscher

Ținutul Pădurenilor, located in Hunedoara county, Romania, has some of the most impressive folk attires from the country.


Romanian dress refers to the traditional clothing worn by Romanians. Each historical region has its own specific variety of costume.

romania, 20th cent

And here it is, in all its glory, a traditional Romanian dress from the century. It has inspired many artists and contemporary fashion designers. I Romania!

Erdelyi szaszok 1940 ben *Kiscsűr (románul Şura Mică, németül Kleinscheuern)

Transylvanian Saxons in 1940 *Kiscsűr (romanian Şura Mică, german Kleinscheuern)