Folii si plase de protectie

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an indoor greenhouse with rows of green plants
Plasa de umbrire
Plasa de umbrire foarte rezistenta si durabila cu grad de umbrire de 35% Folie Solar
green plants are growing in the ground behind a wire fence
rows of trees with netting covering them in an open field
there is a green fence that has flowers growing on it
Plasa de umbrire cu grad de umbrire 35% Greceasca Folie Solar
green and white striped fabric with lines on it
Plasa de umbrire cu o durata de viata de 2 - 3 ani. Folie Solar
a black and blue checkered fabric with some green stitching on the bottom half
some lettuce is laying on a white cloth
Folie Microporoasa Novaagril, 23gr/mp
lettuce growing in the ground next to a white cloth on top of it
Folie Microporoasa Agril, 17gr/mp