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Except gel nails can extend and with acrylic. The difference is that the gel is dried under a UV lamp and acrylic on air. Gelling nails is great for quitting biting your nails from which suffer many people. After a while the nails are fully recovered from biting.
These nails remind me of the Snow Queen. Long, narrow, always modern neutral colors, with lots of rhinestones.
Matte acrylic nails with gold studs and rhinestones
Coffin nails @KortenStEiN
Cute nails design ( design by @tonysnail
This design is beautiful because of that rose. She should've only gotten the rose not the rhinestones
Purple and blue gradient, foil/Colored chrome, and rhinestone accent on a ballerina nail.
Since it's Friday #flashback My favourite combo - black and gold #flashbackfriday #friyay @gfa gel polish @uglyducklingnails acrylic @glitter_heaven_australia glitter
Matte Burgundy Coffin Nails with Flowers