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the many avatars of naruta and their respective characters in one image, each with
Aang and Katara through the years! <3
an anime scene with text that reads, it takes braves to confront others
A:TLA------ OMG HONOR!!!! sorry
an old friend's 4 masters poster with avatars in different colors and sizes
AVATAR | Legend of Korra & The Last Airbender The Four Masters
an image of some water with different colors and patterns on it, as well as the text
Avatar and the photo of love by Helkaril on DeviantArt
Avatar and the photo of love by ~Helkaril on deviantART
some anime characters with different expressions
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
The Last Airbender
an image of some cartoon characters in different stages of being human and having fun with each other
Brave Soldier boy by Ceshira on DeviantArt
Brave Soldier boy by *Ceshira on deviantART
a comic strip with two women talking to each other
How Bei Fong's show affection... by Ceshira on DeviantArt
"How Bei Fong's show affection". Indeed. Tenzin and Lin :)
two anime characters one is riding on the back of a horse and the other has a dragon
How To Deal With Dragons - Gaming
Meanwhile in the Fire Nation...
THERE IT IS! "Toph katara aang and sokka"where?" Toph "can't you SEE I'M Blind"
an image of a cartoon character with the caption that reads dad i failed you, i am no - spiritful leader
Know Your Meme
Even the Avatar's got dad jokes.
four different types of cartoon characters with their names on them
Katara & Korra. Some of the fan art out there just breaks my heart.