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Geometric Beasts | Eagle by kerbyrosanes

Have you ever seen the wild animals in Geometric View? Actually, this is totally a new way of drawing images. Wild animal images are perfectly drawn using

Schindler's List Ralph Fiennes, Steven Spielberg, Liam Neeson & Ben Kingsley

Schindler's List actors Ralph Fiennes Liam Neeson & Ben Kingsley with director Steven Spielberg

Great Heath Ledger as the Joker

scary gif Black and White batman the joker movie creepy heath ledger joker the dark knight terror vertical the batman

FUN FACT: This was improvised. The building was meant to explode and come down in one go and the crew had one take to get it right. When the explosions malfunctioned, Ledger reacted in character, and Nolan urged his crew to keep filming. By pure chance, it resulted in one of the greatest moments in the movie, and a moment that perfectly showcased Joker's archaic nature and Ledger's sheer talent.

Funny pictures about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Oh, and cool pics about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Also, Heath Ledger's sheer talent.

~ † The Generation Of Jokers Through The Years Of The Batman Trilogy"s ~

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The Joker! So right! Just wish I was good at something..... But like him I create chaos and anarchy.

I am fond of comic based movie. That means I like super heroes, and I do. But this man changes the idea about anti-hero. Heath Ledger is the best Joker there is. My true hero.

Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson's Jokers Together

Funny pictures about Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger As The Jokers. Oh, and cool pics about Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger As The Jokers. Also, Jack Nicholson And Heath Ledger As The Jokers photos.