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a piece of art with sticks sticking out of it's sides and holes in the middle
ArtPropelled — Claudia Lee
two chairs and a table in front of a wall with plants on it, next to each other
KIA ORA Page KIA ORA - Coffee shop, restaurant vegan à Annecy - NOESIS
an art gallery with sculptures of animals on the wall and in the background is a woman's dress
Beth Cavener Stichter, "Come Undone," at Claire Oliver
a sculpture of a man's head on top of a piece of wood
a statue of a bird with its wings spread
【アート】小世界を宿す「もののけ」たち、Ellen Jewett のファンタジー彫刻(20枚) : 付録部 blog-bu
an elephant is standing next to a tree with birds on it
ghosts and relics II
a sculpture of a deer with flowers on it's head
A Most Precarious Spring by creaturesfromel on DeviantArt
a sculpture of a white deer surrounded by pink flowers and vines on a white wall
龍國竣/リュウゴク on X
a group of figurines sitting on top of a wooden table next to a clock
New Work by Mister Finch
a statue of a fairy sitting on top of a cabinet with a moon in it
Mister Finch's eccentric soft sculptures of British folklore made from up-cycled materials
a fake peacock sitting on top of a wall next to a white and blue wall
Dressed To Frill