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Florina Sevescu

Florina Sevescu
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Fox Earrings, Animal Earrings, Polymer Clay Earrings, Fimo Jewellery, Childrens Earrings, Girls Earrings, Orange Small Earrings, Studs

Fox Earrings Animal Earrings Polymer Clay Earrings Fimo Jewellery Childrens Earrings Girls Earrings Orange Small Earrings Studs GBP) by omifimo

How to morph animals using GIMP (free software)

I will teach you how to morph 2 animals during this instructable. You can use this method of morphing for any animals, or any creation you can come up with.

Newminals: First Photo Manipulation project    (Results will be hilarious)

Have students do the exquisite corpse drawing parlor game to create scranimals and then make digital ones on the computer.