Halloween lights....

10 Haunting Lights for Halloween

Thanksgiving 2011 **** SU "Gently Falling"

Fall-handmade Thanksgiving card by JJ Rubberduck . folkloric look patterned paper banner . watercolor look maple leaves . Stampin' Up!

leaves | Susanna Bauer

[caption align="alignnone" "Aura" magnolia leaf and cotton thread[/caption] UK based artist Susanna Bauer collects leaves and handstitches them with cotton thread.

"Bridge on Fire" ~ Sibley, Trenton, Michigan (Photo by Jamie Mink)

Bridge on Fire Eroded foot bridge shot at sunset. Elizabeth Park, Trenton, Michigan -- by Jamie Mink

autumn crafts apple cups

0 autumn crafts apple cups

apple cider cups use apple cider, red hots and cinnamon sticks. These apple cider cups embellished with a cinnamon stick would be the perfect during family game night or when you are huddled around a warm fire. What a fun way to drink apple cider!


autumn wedding flower crown - HARVEST WEDDING - burnt orange hair wreath

Completed Cross Stitch Witch Black Cats by jackwabbitprimitives

Completed Cross Stitch Witch, Black Cats and Pumpkins Parade


What a beautiful place to sit and read or think about the splendor of our almighty Redeemer who made the Shades of Autumn.

“May your character not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!

#Lizknot Autumn Dreamcatcher

#Lizknot Autumn Dreamcatcher