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the snowmen are wearing hats and scarves to match their colors in this pattern
an image of the words in spanish on a white sheet with red writing and black ink
Serbare de Crăciun 2015
an image of a poem written in french with the caption's words below it
Serbare de Craciun la clasa pregatitoare
Fise de lucru pentru clasele primare si gradinita : Serbare de Craciun la clasa pregatitoare
an apple is shown with the words in french and english, as well as some other things
an image of a doctor's bag with medical symbols on it and the words
Fise de lucru - meserii - Curioși de mici
Fise de lucru-meserii - Curioși de mici
an award certificate for children's education in spanish and english, with a teddy bear on
Evaluare Initiala Grupa Mare | PDF
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a teddy bear sitting on top of a red and blue frame with the words evaluar
Evaluare Initiala Grupa Mare | PDF
a badge with the words bun ventt la gradnita in spanish and an image of a boy
Pliant editabil pentru prima zi de scoala - Model pentru clasa pregatitoare