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healthy, yummy lunch.

More grazing while you work through lunch . Red Grapes, Cheese Cubes, Steamed Broccoli (still crunchy), Whole Grain Crackers, Roasted Peanuts. An even healthier choice would be hummus instead of the cheese.

OrganizedBites.com | Hi-ho, the Derry-o

Organic Cheese Stick and a couple of TJ’s Corn Tortilla Sesame Flatbreads. Organic strawberries pair with Red Globe grapes in an Romaine cup. Above that, sugar plum tomatoes, black olives, radishes, and asparagus cuts sit atop a second Romaine leaf.

OrganizedBites.com | A Toast to Fresh Mozzarella

Your beach-themed Teen Beach party wouldn't be complete without one of these adorable centerpieces!


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Well they are both from consignment shops, hence the title.