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Zip Me Up Alternative Scene by julvett

'Zip Me Up Alternative Scene' by julvett This has been thouroughly fixed and is now the actual line in the movie. I have teared up a little because of how perfect and actually in character this is. Good ol' Hinny is my life.

That would have been adorable, but unfortunately all of the Pevensie's died, save for Susan, in the last book :(

Lucy Pevensie was the mother of Lily Evans. Although she was a Muggle, Lucy retained magic from being in Narnia. This magic passed on to Lily and eventually to Harry.

Harry x Ginny - Our Story by on @deviantART

After another LONG hiatus, I finally posted new art! After my recent (yes, only recent) addiction and completion of the Harry Potter book / movie series. Harry x Ginny - Our Story

Please tell me he is in some way related to Hagrid, because that would kinda make my day. lol

That should be that last scene of the last movie. And 90 something year old newt saying good-bye to Tina because "HAGRID just wrote and said that Buckbeak is to be executed I'm going over for to comfort him.

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