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Sand cat - had to google this one to learn that it's a small, stocky wild cat that lives in deserts.  Since 2002 this small cat has been listed as "near threatened" due to concern over potential low population size and decline.

The sand cat [Felis margarita], also known as the Sand Dune Cat, is the only felid found primarily in true desert and has a wide but apparently disjunctive distribution through the deserts of northern Africa and southwest and central Asia.


The Witches' Alphabet: Theban Script Quote from poster: "Also called "the runes of Honorius" These letters are used to write spells and incantations in a Witche

The Witches' Alphabet: Theban Script. Our parchments make for the perfect addition to ones Book of Shadows. Place an entire parchment within or cut fragments of your parchment to include in different