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the back cover of an action figure from teenage mutant ninjas, with instructions on how to
the back cover of an old comic book, featuring several different action figures and characters
the back cover of an action figure from masters of the universe, with instructions for how to
a man's arm with a watch and an electronic device attached to the wrist
Vintage Televisions
an old ad for sanatogen tonic wine with a woman laying on the floor
Sanatogen Tonic Wine: Kids are Murder
a hand holding a red heart surrounded by white doves in the night sky with stars
Dulce corazón
an old newspaper advertisement for space probe
Vintage Ad #102 - Darling Pet Monkeys on Space Probes with He-Man Voices Sell Comic Books
a poster with the names and numbers of different types of heat
an old ad for muscle cream with the image of a man flexing his muscles
Attack v1 57 (Charlton) - Comic Book Plus
War, Nuclear War, Nuclear, Doomsday, Radioactive, Boredom, Half Life, Warheads, Good Books
El divertido libro de actividades nucleares - No Puedo Creer
1950/, Big Star, Christmas Messages, President Ronald Reagan
BABIES, PUPPIES AND SANTA: These Vintage Cigarette Spokespeople Are Grotesque
an ad for casio watches from the 1970's, with instructions on how to use it
Relojes Casio. Año 1980
an advertisement for the astronaut space suit
astronaut space suit, genuine
a calculator sitting on top of a blue table next to a white wall
MyCalcDB :   Calculator  Casio  FX-700P
Art, Muscle Man, Muscle Men, Vintage Muscle Men, Big Muscles
... he-man looks 1000%
an old newspaper advertisement with two men's faces and the words, wear a mask
These surprisingly relevant vintage ads show how officials tried to convince people to wear masks after many refused during the 1918 flu pandemic
an old book with the title how to be happy through married
JF Ptak Science Books
an advertisement for radio advertising with a woman wearing a turban on her head
Radioactive Cosmetics
an advertisement for the bell & houlier film project featuring a woman holding a camera
Motivation, Charles Atlas
an advertisement for radio hat from the 1950's, with information about its price
Man From Mars Radio Hat
an advertisement for the lafayette radio company, with information about its products and their history
... family radiation sale!
an old photo of a man sitting on a chair in front of a beach hut
an advertisement for health and beauty products from the early 1900's, featuring a woman holding
weird ads Retro Vintage, Jockey Underwear, Vintage Underwear
Someone needs to discipline this child before something very, very bad happens.
weird ads
an advertisement for the incontcart program
an old movie poster with scary faces and other things on it's front page
Nightmare on Film Street - Horror Movie Podcast, Horror Movie Reviews, Horror Movie Recommendations, and More!
a man wearing a hard hat and holding a wrench in his right hand while standing next to a sign that says the big pipe
Dig these awesome ‘gay pulp’ paperback covers from the 1970s
Portadas de libros de bolsillo "Gay pulp" de los setenta.
a man in a shirt and tie standing next to a woman on a tiger skin rug
Publicidad sexista: anuncios de antes y ahora que no te dejarán indiferente
Publicidad sexista
an old advertisement from the 1950's shows a woman writing on a wall
Von Glitschka on Twitter
This vintage ad shows what Lysol was originally sold for. Wow! #Retro #MisogynisticCopywriting #Ouch
an old advertisement for mid - age skin care from the 1950's
11 Outrageously Sexist Ads That Today's Major Brands Wish You'd Forget
Don't lose love by getting "middle-age" skin
an old poster with a man in uniform holding a coin and pointing to the side
Vintage Politically Incorrect Advertisements
Vintage Politically Incorrect Advertisements
an old newspaper ad for motorola with children watching television on it and the caption reads, how television benefits your children
Anuncios extrañamente antiguos…
an old book with a drawing of two men in swimsuits and one is holding something
an old advertisement for the white man's burden
O Fardo do Homem Branco – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
O Fardo do Homem Branco – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
an advertisement for gutter gang with a man and woman standing next to each other
Vintage Covers Publications
an advertisement for the electric hair dryer that was used in the early 1900's
Get rid of them HEMMERS once and for all...then take a polaroid! lol...PS..Is this a craft????
Vintage Book Covers, Albert Einstein
Vintage Covers Publications
an advertisement for a vacuum cleaner with the words,'vera finger novel design '
Smart Chicks Commune
Vintage Toys, Retro Toys
The Atom Bomber
Rockabilly, Men's Underwear, Vintage Photographs
The Golden Age of Denial: Pimping the Military