Flavius Sana
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Line the driveway on Johns side - Syzygium australe 'Aussie Southern' / Lilly Pilly. Could be good for screening the neighbour's garage, behind the jacaranda. Looks like it is quite narrow, or can be kept that way at least.

Contemporary Urban Garden - contemporary - landscape - dc metro - k a t i a g o f f i n g a r d e n s

“columnar hornbeam tree” - 'LOVE' for privacy in tight places. Will grow above the 6 ft. fence line - Nice ! Would look beautiful decorated in white lights also to light the pathway at night !

Trees for small gardens: Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea Group, copper beech, is a large tree, but it can be pleached to provide a screen. Tie in young stems to form a framework, then trim annually. Photo by Sarah Cuttle.

I like the tall trunks for a 'hedge' to soften along the front fence. I don't like the purple/red colour of the trees. And I like the idea of lower layers of plants