Itachi and Sasuke. "You're not allowed to leave." this isn't sasuke and naruto but its just too cute :3

Aww Sasuke loves his brother 💕 Tags: Anime, Fanart, Akatsuki, NARUTO, Uchiha Sasuke

Happy to demonstrate what hits like a girl really means.

Hit Like a Girl Light T-Shirt

"You eat like a girl." " You run like a girl." "You hit like a girl. You are such a girl.

"Why have you come, son of Sky? To murder my people? To kill more than you already have?"  The man swallowed. But when he spoke his voice was strong, unwavering. "I have come to find the source of the hate between dragons and men. And to stop this war before it is too late." BTW...for the best game cheats, tips, check out:

skyrim one of the best Fantasy games out there. You are thrown into this huge world, where you can do anything with a rich world and full of monsters; dragon a secrets yet to be discovered. This is a great example of a fantasy game.

League of Legends: Jinx

*jumps down from ceiling* Wassssuup? *pulls out a sign* The name is Jinx! Look, i don't want you to adopt me and you don't want to adopt me, so why don't you just turn around and beat it!

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