Beautiful Shades of Flowers Garden Love: these are one of my grandma's favorite flowers. She would go crazy over this color. #Iris

Carnival of color: 30 of the most incredible multi-colored flowers in the world

Wow, our iris garden we buy from has beautiful iris but never saw these. Beautiful Shades of Teal Iris. I want to plant some of these in my yard. Irises are so easy to grow, in my opinion one of the best bulbs for beginners

11x14 Painted Henna Inspired Canvas by StyleCanvas on Etsy

Painted Henna Inspired Canvas by StyleCanvas on Etsy "live by the sun, love by the moon"

Amazing colors in this Jellyfish Art

Jellyfish Art (also known as jellies and sea jellies) are boneless animals that float freely through the world's oceans.

✯ Bearded Iris :)

The Blue Iris is the state flower of Tennessee. As I was growing up, I looked forward to their showy colors every Spring. Loved them because TN state flower but in awe of their beauty !

Love jellies

Come Dance With Me!keep away from these, they are beautiful but really hurt ! The bubbly floats on top of the water with the tentacles floating outward up to 15 ft

Beneath the Surface by Julie Dillon

Plongez dans l’univers fantastique de Julie Dillon, une illustratrice à l’immense talent

Kaiju Design Challenge entry by juliedillon monster beast creature animal…

How to grow irises

Iris - Perennial Bulb with a Majestic Appeal

Everything you need to know about tears. What are #tears made of? Why are they salty? Find out. #cry #eyes

What Tears Are Made of And Why You Cry (Infographic)

Peacock tails necklace by Mary Lee Hu

❥ Imagine going down the back or imagine the "necklace" around your waist and the tails could travel down the front or back of your thighs. (Peacock tails necklace by Mary Lee Hu)