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Red Lake, Harghita region - ROMANIA Lacul Rosu, Harghita - ROMANIA

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Harghita region - Romania

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Turzii Gorges - Turda, ROMANIA Cheile Turzii - Turda, ROMANIA (

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7 Stairs Canyon - Brasov county, ROMANIA.

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Corvinilor Castle - Hunedoara, ROMANIA. It represents one of the most important buildings with Gothic-inspired architecture in Romania. Huffington Post ranks Corvin Castle on 2nd place among the most frightening buildings in the world.

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Ice Hotel - Balea Lake, ROMANIA

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Underwater church from Belis, CLUJ - ROMANIA Biserica de sub lac de la Belis, CLUJ - ROMANIA

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Turda Salt Mine - With over 13.5 million years ago, following a tropical climate in deep underground, salt deposits were created in Transylvania, deposits that have been exploited for years.

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Black Church - Brasov region, ROMANIA. Gothic Black Church is the most important attraction of Brasov city. Its original name was St. Mary's Church (German: Marienkirche) and took its current name in 1689 during a devastating fire.

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Sighisoara - Romania. Even today, is considered the most beautiful citadel in Europe.

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