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Boulder Succulent Planters. Try to make my own boulder imitation planters for my 'terrarium' shelf with tightly wadded up newspaper over 1/2" flat wooden cutout shapes covered with paper mache, paint with some texture mediums in places, and the right types of sealants. Then be fancy with some geode looking ones that have the oval broken open from side to top to show glittery crystal chips inside with a trailing plant hanging over the shelf. And make some resemble colored banded agates!

Succulent Rock Trio Planters in White This set of three succulent planters are made of hollow porcelain with a clear glaze. The elegant sculptural forms of the planters makes them ideal for any interior, patio, or balcony.

Emily DiDonato.

I wish that I looked like this. :( Blue eyes and an even complexion look gorgeous and timeless with red lips and pinup eyeliner; my tawny freckles and hazel eyes make me look like a kid in her mother's make-up. Is there no red out there for me?