Wooden church, Maramures   Romania

Wooden church, Maramures county, one of the best kept Europe's secrets, Romania.

The bucium (trâmbiţă or tulnic) is a type of alphorn used by mountain dwellers in Romania. Of Dacian origin, it was used in the principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia as signaling devices in military conflicts.      The tube is made from limetree bark, wood, or (partially) from metal. It is used by shepherds for signaling and communication in the forested mountains, as well as for guiding sheep and dogs. Trâmbiţa produces sounds altogether different from those of the alphorn. #romania…

The bucium Is A Type Of Alphorn Of Dacian Origin Used By Mountain Dwellers In Romania.

PHOTO: Making the haystacks in Breb Romania

PHOTO: Making the haystacks in Breb Romania

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Romanian children in traditional costume

Romanian children in traditional costume


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