Paleo Diet Recipes

Looking to improve your health and well-being? Consider trying the Paleo diet! By focusing on whole, unprocessed foods such as lean meats, fish, fruits…
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this salad has chicken, carrots and cabbage in it
Healthy Sesame Chicken Chopped Salad: Paleo & Whole30 - Whole Kitchen Sink
two lettuce wraps with meat and vegetables in them on a tray next to sweet potato fries
Whole30 In-N-Out Burgers: Double Double Animal Style
These Whole30 In-N-Out burgers are just as good as they sound and look. Two thin hamburger patties, brushed with mustard; loaded with pickle slices, deeply caramelized onions, a creamy sauce spiked with my Whole30 ketchup recipe, coconut aminos, and relish; all sandwiched between two perfect iceberg lettuce "buns". Inspired by everyone's favorite West Coast burgers, these burgers are made with totally real food and are paleo, Whole30, and low-carb friendly.
a hand holding a chicken salad wrap with lettuce and tomatoes
Paleo Chicken Salad Wraps {Grain Free, Dairy Free} -
These paleo chicken salad wraps start with the best easy chicken salad layered with avocado, lettuce and tomato and wrapped in oversized grain free tortillas! These are a great make ahead lunch and perfect for easy dinners too. Gluten free, dairy free and paleo friendly.
a white plate topped with chicken covered in gravy next to tomatoes and parsley
Creamy BLT Chicken Recipe {Paleo, Whole30, Keto}
This easy BLT chicken is made all in one skillet and packed with all your favorites. Juicy seasoned chicken with crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, your favorite greens and a creamy, flavor packed sauce! It’s Whole30 compliant, paleo, and keto friendly and family approved. Great for a weeknight dinner and the leftovers save well for lunch the next day!
two bowls filled with chicken and rice next to lime wedges, avocado
Quick Paleo BBQ Chicken Bowls {Whole30}
These BBQ chicken bowls are packed with tasty things! Juicy, flavor packed chicken, a simple kale slaw, easy lime cauliflower rice and topped with avocados and paleo friendly BBQ sauce and ranch. You’ll want this healthy, filling meal on repeat after the first bite! Ready in just 30 minutes!