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a living room filled with furniture and a large painting on the wall above it's coffee table
Living Room Inspiration | Luxury Living Room Ideas
Add a touch of glamour to your home with elegantly crafted furniture. From opulent armchairs to chic coffee tables, every piece is designed to make a statement.
a chair sitting in front of a large circular light fixture on the side of a wall
Interior wall design | House design interior | Home interior design | Interior inspo
Interior wall design of bas-relief
2024 interior design trends - sculptural wall art - Wild Medow by Valeriana Scimento 2024 Interior Design Trends, 2024 Interior Design, Bloxburg Hallway, Wild Meadow, Entrance Modern, Entrance Interior, Modern Hallway, Foyer Design, Lobby Design
10 interior design trends for 2024 including the latest color trends for 2024, kitchen trends, and furniture design! From wallpaper to warm brown colour palettes, limewash textured walls, sculptural lighting, picture mouldings, butler pantries, laundry room ideas, wallpaper and wine cabinets, come explore what 2024 has in store and find inspiration for you next 2024 interior design project!
a living room with a large tv mounted on the wall and wooden furniture in front of it
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two framed art pieces on top of a white dresser
Opus Art Projects is a Toronto based art consultancy specializing in international hospitality, commercial and residential design projects. These are just a few of our latest and favourite art inspirations. Artist,